The Real Reality

What is Reality?

Just because it's a cloudy day doesn't mean the sun no longer exists. Just because a mountain blocks our view doesn't mean a city doesn't lie behind it. Just because everyone in your class believes that Santa Clause exists doesn't mean that Santa indeed goes down chimneys to bring kids presents on Christmas eve.

What is reality? Who defines it? Is reality based merely on what you see, hear and touch? Is it only based on what can be measured in a lab and tested scientifically? Is reality based on what most people believe in? Is reality decided by a popularity contest?

The Dangers of Not Knowing the Real Reality

A man painted a picture of an extension of a road on the blank face of a building. The painting was drawn to perfectly match the real road and environment (a popular trick of the coyote trying to trap the roadrunner). It didn't take long till a car slammed into the building. Many have been deceived by similar illusions. They mistake apparent reality for the real reality. The result is most usually disastrous.

Many have died because of presumptuousness, and have fallen into destruction because of the word "maybe". "Maybe" is the one of the most dangerous words in the universe. Yet its essence pervades our behavior and society. Just count how many words in our vocabulary convey our not being sure and definite about things: probably, quite, relatively, might, seemingly, etc. "Maybe it's safe to cross this wooden bridge." "This branch might be strong enough to hold me." "Maybe it's just OK to not attend classes and just hope the teacher will be merciful and let me pass the course." "Maybe I can drive beyond the speed limit without being caught by the police."

You have only one life to live. Are you serious about laying your life on a "maybe."-type of belief or idea. How could one be so reckless? If anyone truly valued and cared about his/her life, he/she would make sure that what he believes in is the real reality, and not just some hazy assumption, deceptive ploy or popular notion. Wake up and seek the truth out! What is the real reality?

The bandwagon mentality of many will also lead them to destruction. Would you join the bandwagon just because all your friends did? I wouldn't care to be ostracized for not molding in with everyone else if they themselves weren't sure about where they were headed. What if what awaited them in the distance was an avalanche or quicksand?

Wars that have ended usually leave numerous booby traps. Would you proceed into a dark road ahead just because a sign said "No mines ahead - safe for passage." There are many misleading roadsigns out there.

Yet many today are living their lives with the belief that there is no God, eternal soul, heaven, or hell. They just choose to believe in whatever they find convenient and whatever will give them the most happiness, without even checking if they are indeed walking a safe path based on the real reality. Their reality is just what they perceive to be real.

Regardless of how strongly I believe that God does not exist, it will not affect His existence if He indeed exists. Thus, we need to settle this first issue. Can't I just go living without having to investigate this issue? Does settling this issue really matter? Of course it does! Because if a man is proved wrong in believing there is no God, then he is in danger of spending eternity in a lake of fire as decreed by the Holy God in His book - the Bible. Eternity is a long time for you to pay, in torment and suffering, for the error of failing to see the light of the real reality in one's short lifetime on earth.

Does God Exist?

The atheist says there is no God. Why? Because he has never seen Him, nor heard His voice. Does that prove God doesn't exist? Just because we have no instruments to empirically sense God doesn't mean He doesn't exist. Do we have instruments for measuring love? Is there any joy sensor? But we all acknowledge the existence of our feelings of love and joy.

Instruments alone do not determine reality. They can only support reality to a certain or partial extent. Our five senses are also limited in enabling us to prove the existence of God. Our senses are confined only to physical impulses. However, God claims to be spiritual. Man thinks that only the physical is real. Does that mean love, joy and peace are not real just because his five senses cannot detect them? The real reality is that the spiritual is real; in fact, it is more real and important than the physical. Spiritual things are sensed by spiritual instruments. Love is sensed by our spirits when someone cares for us. Peace is sensed when you know you are safe and protected.

It is flawed logic to say that spiritual things do not exist because our physical instruments/senses cannot detect them. You cannot measure height using a weighing scale, nor detect light using a sound sensor. In like manner, we cannot expect to measure or detect God using our technology.

Radio waves exist, even though we cannot see them. We know they exist because of its effects: we hear sound and music from our radios. God also cannot be seen, but we can sense Him through our spirits.

Other than the inherent spiritual sensor we have, God has also given us the gift of having the ability to think and reason. Thus, He reveals Himself to us in a reasonable way to prove that He indeed exists. He appeals to your God-given gift of reason, and on the basis of that gift He expects you to be able to extend it to develop the faith needed to believe in Him whom you cannot see physically.

Why doesn't God just appear to all of us in all His glory to prove His existence? Because He wants us to search for Him and seek Him. He is a God who hides Himself. He wants to test us if we will hunger for Him enough to go out and desire to know Him. Besides, He did reveal Himself in glory during the time of Moses yet man still failed to completely believe in Him. So later He sent His own Son to reveal Himself to us. Here is a simple analogy. Ants cannot seem to identify humans who are so big. Thus, a human would have to take the form of an ant to really relate with them and for ants to recognize such a person.

God has His methods of doing things as He sees best. God has chosen to reveal Himself to us spiritually. That is, we can detect Him using a spiritual sensor inside us called faith. However, the faith He requires is not without any basis. It is still based on sound reason, evidence and logic.

Our court systems are based on proof. We cannot sentence a man to jail without complete proof beyond any reasonable doubt that he committed the crime he is accused of. If we can be so kind to a human as to give him the benefit of the doubt till he is proved guilty, how much more should we be to the One who claims to have brought us into existence. Can we dismiss Him to be unreal without exhausting and evaluating the proof at hand?

Since God is Spirit, we must prove Him spiritually. God exists and is real! How do we know? We can present the evidence of creation, His word and prophecy, Jesus, His miracles and His witnesses, modern signs and wonders, and near-death experiences.

Evidence 1. Creation

The complexity of organisms, their symmetrical structures, the absence of fossil remains of mangled, twisted, ill-structured creatures (for example, one with 5 eyes randomly placed on the body, one wing on the ankle, and a foot sticking out of the head), the orderly arrangement and structure of atoms and molecules, the mathematically describable and symmetrical laws governing physics and nature, and the precisely tuned parameters of the earth and it's environment to support life all point to the evidence of a Supreme Designer behind all that we physically see, rather than support progressive development that started from a big explosion governed by random chance and a long period of time.

Compare a computer and the human brain, or a robot and the human body. Which is more complicated? If we cannot accept the possibility of a computer or a robot coming into existence without a really smart designer, how can we say that far more complicated biological machines are just products of chance? What kind of flawed logic has man believed in to even consider big-bang-based random evolution?

If you landed on an uninhabited island and found a stone that was perfectly shaped as a beetle with 3 legs on each side, you would at once conclude that a man once lived there and carved out this wonderfully shaped artifact. If a stone carving would lead us to conclude that some designer must have been behind its realization, what makes us think that a real beetle wouldn't need one. A beetle has perfect symmetry, a robotic mechanism for walking, the ability to fly and maneuver itself in three-dimensional space, vision, the ability to seek out food, and the capacity to reproduce. For sure, you can say that a beetle has a design and is even far more complicated than a stone carving. Thus, if there is a design, then there must be a designer.

The probability of DNA sequences lining up to provide the blueprint of how each part of our bodies are to be assembled is mind boggling. It is practically impossible to ask a genetic engineer to assemble a cell that will grow up to form a dog. If smart people can't even do this feat, let alone random chance.

Let's face it. This world and all the living creatures in it are all too perfectly designed and work in almost flawless harmony (given the chance that it to be spared of man's destructive behavior). Only a Supreme Designer, smarter than man, can think up and put into reality all of these that we are just beginning to understand. In fact, man with all his technological advancement has only unraveled but the tip of a huge iceberg in terms of decoding and understanding the design and mechanism of the DNA, the brain, and the human body. Just take one component of the body and analyze its complexity.

The eyes, for example, enable us to see the world. The lenses adjust automatically to provide the curvature needed to focus on objects near and far. The sensors behind the eyes (the receptors of the retina) can distinguish color variations at extremely high resolution (better than the latest digital cameras) over a wide viewing angle. Eyeballs rotate in eye sockets to the desired directions. The iris controls the amount of light coming in by changing the size of the pupil (the opening through which light enters). Eyelids shut for protection and for regular clean-up. Tears flow to wash dirt away. The optic nerves bring images in real time with 3-dimensional depth of view to your brain for storage and analysis. And you can still recall movie-like scenes in your mind of things you did when you were a child up to the present time. All those images are still available on demand just by recalling the scenes. What happens if you lose one eye. Behold, you have a spare one just in case. Just one body part is a marvel of a feat of physics, biology and engineering.

Which is to be accepted if a physical law and a theory clash. Of course, the law must stand. But why does man accept the theory of evolution when it runs against a physical law. The second law of thermodynamics states that in a closed system (say, the universe), order always progresses toward disorder and not the opposite case. Upon dropping spoons of coffee, creamer and sugar into a cup of hot water, the law dictates that particles will just spread out and mix all together in a random fashion. But evolution implies that the molecules of the three components will line themselves up in some sequence so as to produce a double helix, where the sequence of sugar, coffee and cream will encode meaningful information.

It will take an external mind and agent to go into the the closed system (the universe) to introduce order into it, thereby not breaking the law. Unless someone outside the closed system comes into the picture, we can expect no amount of order in the universe. If the big bang is indeed true, the particles of the universe would just diffuse continually deeper into outer space, following the second law, to end up with the sight you would see of debris lying everywhere after a bomb explosion.

The concept of an explosion in outer space producing orderly and complex lifeforms, even if it takes a billion trillion years, is more absurd than thinking that a whirlwind can form a jumbo jet plane for no matter how long it takes - it is just impossible. If I place some rocks, soil, oil, and air in a tin can and subject it to fire, mechanical vibrations and electrical discharges, how many years of processing would it take till I could pull out a Rolex watch out of it?

You do not need a science, math or engineering degree to figure this out.

Why is it that in introductory biology classes, the teacher first lays out the basic principle stating that living things cannot come out of nonliving things, and then afterward would present the theory of evolution, which is based on the assumption that man evolved from cosmic dust. It is a mockery of our children's sense of logical judgment. Let us stop teaching our children the lie that a theory can defy physical and biological laws.

Evidence 2. The Bible and Fulfilled Prophecies

The word of God to man (the Bible) prophesied the coming of the Messiah, the Man who will save Israel and mankind from bondage to rule as Savior and King. It details His birth, life, death and resurrection. No other book has claimed such detailed prophesies. The chances of more than 300 prophesies being fulfilled in one man is practically zero. Yet Jesus came and the prophecies about Him were fulfilled to the last detail. This only shows that God exists for He has proved Himself to know the future and propel future events to take place in accordance to His will. This also justifies the claim that the Bible is the true and uncontested word of the living God.

Christianity is the sole belief system founded on a holy book based on fulfilled prophecies and a resurrected leader. Research every other religious system and judge for yourself which belief system is real enough to place the fate of your eternal soul on.

Evidence 3. Jesus and His Works

Jesus performed various miracles: healing, controlling the weather, turning water into wine, multiplying food to feed thousands, raising up the dead, walking on water, transfiguring, casting out demons, and eventually predicting and fulfilling His resurrection after three days of being killed. No man has ever performed this feat. His claim of being the Son of God, making Himself equal to God, demands our complete belief if we are to believe that all His miracles and His resurrection were indeed true. So how do we know that Jesus did perform all of these? The verdict lies on the witnesses.

Evidence 4. The Witnesses

It only takes 2-3 witnesses to convict a man of a crime, but Jesus was seen resurrected by His disciples and even by up to more than 500 people. These witnesses were persecuted to the point of death yet none of them were shaken or gave up their confession. The boldness and conviction of the witnesses, together with the signs and wonders that followed them, show that they did not just believe in a man-made fable, tale or hoax. Man by nature will not voluntarily risk life and limb for something he does not believe to be true.

Evidence 5. Modern Signs and Wonders

Today, modern signs and wonders are being displayed in the churches of God. Healing from terminal diseases, miraculous deliverance from evil spirits and addictions, uttered prophecies that have come to pass, and divine revelations through dreams and visions abound in the churches today. If you really seek God with all your heart, He will reveal Himself to you personally. God loves genuine seekers of Him. Only be patient, for God works in His own perfect time. You can experience an encounter with God if you call to Him.

Evidence 6. Near-death experiences

Finally, the last frontier called death has been crossed by so many in recent years -- people who have had near-death experiences (NDEs). Atheists who had NDEs have come back to life with accounts of hell and believers accounts of heaven. Hundreds of testimonies are being shared to show that an afterlife exists and that we do not just vanish into nonexistence after we die. The data is overwhelmingly vast and the accounts of these everyday people continually share common elements regardless of religious background and race.

Moreover, their testimonies support the existence of God and the way to heaven - His Son Jesus Christ. Many have seen the Lord Himself face to face. They have seen angels, demons and departed friends and loved ones on the other side of the veil. Various accounts agree so well with each other that the Lord is about 6 feet tall and bears nail marks near His wrist and on His feet. Many have committed suicide only to be revived with accounts of almost falling into the brink of eternal darkness and hellfire.

Be Real

Once you come to terms with the issues related to the existence of God and the validity of His word - the Bible, it is time to examine yourself and your life in the light of the REAL REALITY. In other words, are you willing to discover the truth of what the Bible says about you, your fate after death and how you should live your life, or would you rather risk the fate of your eternal soul by turning a blind eye and continually living in the manner you think life should be lived. There is a call in your heart to know the real reality in God's word and realign yourself with it. Respond to it. Be real!

Are you REALLY sure that if you were to die today, God would let you enter His heavenly kingdom?

The REALITY is that many people confronted with this question will answer "No". Even worse, a lot of people wouldn't even bother going the extra mile by trying to find out the truth about this issue. They just don't care. Why would people who answer "No" go on with life without making every effort to be sure within themselves that they could finally answer "Yes" with resounding confidence.

If you have no interest in finding out what it will take to make sure you enter heaven when you die, then you have set your path towards a catastrophe of eternal proportions. You have set your BELIEF in a collision course with REALITY. When these two giants collide, the end, as explained earlier, is more often than not disastrous.

The Bomb in the Building

If a man came running down the hallway of your office building yelling "There's a bomb in the building! It's about to explode!" How would you react? You have two choices: (1) Believe in what is most convenient for you: "There is no bomb. Why bother scrambling with crowd to get out of here. Besides, I'm too busy with what I'm doing now. It's probably just a false alarm." (2) Believe in what the man says, get out of the building as fast as you can, and make sure you're safe.

Now let us say the man was right. The reality was that there was a bomb and in less than 3 minutes, it blew up, bringing the entire building down and killing everyone left inside. Who then is the wiser man? Will you be foolish enough to risk having what you believe in come in conflict with reality?

The Bible is that man yelling in your building now. The Bible, which is the word of God, poses several facts that it claims to be REALITY.

REALITY 1: Man has sinned. (Rom. 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”) Man has sinned against a holy, perfect and righteous God.

REALITY 2: The penalty for sin is death. (Rom. 6:23a “For the wages of sin is death.”) God is just and must punish sin.

REALITY 3: This death is in the form of eternal separation from God in the lake of fire. (Rev. 21:8 “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars -- their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”)

REALITY 4: Man is appointed to die physically and face judgment for things done during his life on earth. (Heb. 9:27 “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.”)

You, a sinner, are represented by the man too busy (or engrossed) with what he is doing in the building. The penalty of death corresponds to the bomb, and your time on earth before you die is the bomb's timer. The REALITY is that if your answer to the question posed before you is "No" and have chosen choice (1), your heartbeat is the sound of a ticking time bomb.

How much time do you have left? Do you know when you will die? What if it were today? Are you foolish enough to even let the night pass without knowing for sure that your soul is eternally safe? Are you foolish enough to risk eternity in a tormenting hopeless place called Hell and the lake of fire, which the Bible (the book that has thus far never faltered in terms of prophecies) claims to be REAL?

I trust you will take the wise choice and determine in your heart today the need to find the exit door out of the building that is about to be blown into pieces. We all know that the building, this world and our life her on earth, is but temporary.

Man's way

Another question is this: If you were to die tonight and have to face God, and God would ask you "why should I let you into my heavenly kingdom?", what would you say?

Some would say “I have not committed any serious crimes like murder or rape”, “I am generally kind to people”, "I'm religious and have been attending church”, “I give to the poor”, etc. In general, people think that doing enough good works will qualify them for entry into heaven. Man tries to play it smart by proposing his own ways of escape from the building that is about to explode. In other words, they devise their own ways and means to escape the penalty of hell and enter the kingdom of God.

The Bible says that sinners will go to hell. How many sins does it take to be called a sinner? It only takes one murder to be called a murderer. Can a murderer say to the judge "But my good works, public service and kindness to the poor far outweigh this crime of killing somebody, which is just one single mistake"? Do you think the judge will let him get away without imposing justice. This logic violates God's very character: Justice, sinlessness and perfection. He must punish sin. He is completely holy and cannot tolerate even a single sin.

Heaven is a place of sinless perfection. No sin can enter it. Can a man with sin in his heart enter it just because he also did good things in his lifetime? Unfortunately, he cannot. No amount of good works will erase his sins. Thus, no sinner is able to make it to heaven by making up for the bad things he has done on earth.

Some say "God is kind, gracious and loving; He will never allow any soul to suffer in a lake of fire for all eternity." They say this to give them a license to continue living in sin. God has decreed in His word that the penalty will be an eternity in a lake of fire, so why use God's attributes of loving kindness to counter another of His attributes, which is justice. Sin will not go unpunished. Nevertheless, it is indeed true that God is also kind and loving, and this is the whole point of this discourse, which is to reveal to you that God is giving us hope through His love.

Will any of our good works qualify us for entering into God's holy city? The answer is “No”. Eph. 2:8-9 says “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -- not by works, so that no one can boast.”

Rom 3:27-28 says “Where, then, is boasting? It is excluded. On what principle? On that of observing the law? No, but on that of faith. For we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from observing the law.

No amount of good works, obedience to the law, church attendance, or personal sacrifice can save man from his fallen state of being a sinner. One's good works cannot cover up or pay for sins committed. A sheet of paper no matter how clean and white will never qualify for being spotless as long as even an iota of black ink is on it. In like manner, we can never qualify for God's requirement of holy perfection as long as the sin in our hearts is present before His eyes. Thus, man cannot save himself.

What you just heard was the bad news. Every man and woman on earth who has committed at least one sin in his life makes him a condemned sinner before the holy God and is automatically headed for destruction after he/she dies, to spend eternity in a lake of fire.

The Good News

But there is good news! The Bible further presents the following REALITIES:

REALITY 5: God loves us and has prepared a way of escape from eternal condemnation. There is an open door. (John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.")

REALITY 6: That door is God's Son, Jesus Christ. (John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”)

REALITY 7: Jesus, having lived a sinless life on earth, paid the full penalty for your sins by dying on the cross 2000 years ago in your behalf. As a substitute for you, He took on Himself the penalty for sin that you deserved.

1 Cor. 15:3-4 says “For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, “

Rom. 5:8 says “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

God's love is expressed by giving us a way of escape. Simultaneously, His holy demand for justice is satisfied by the shedding of His Son's blood. The concept of substitution is well illustrated by this simple narrative: A man who one day comes home with a blood-stained shirt, confesses to having killed another man. His brother, because of his great love, therefore asks him to hand over the shirt. The loving brother then wears the shirt and surrenders himself to receive the death penalty in his brother's behalf. In this single act, both love and justice are demonstrated.

Some people say that if God were a God of love, He wouldn't create a hell for people to perish. But God is a God of love and has stretched out His arm to rescue you. The former would have been true if no provision of being redeemed was available. He loves you and has provided a way out of the highway to hell and destruction.

Jesus – the Only Exit

You might ask, how then can you be saved from the bomb that is about to explode? The answer is this: you must pass through the "Emergency Exit", which God has provided: Jesus Christ.

What must you do to pass through the door?

A) REALIZE that you are a sinner bound for hell and that you cannot save yourself. Humbly admit your mistakes and ask God to forgive you.

B) Pass through the REAL exit, not fake ones. Other doors that people devise to get out of the building only lead to dead ends and brick walls. Believe that only Jesus can save you. Make Him your Savior. The fake doors are good works, religious piety and dedication, wisdom and knowledge, and any other belief system. Jesus is the ONLY way to God the Father and His heavenly kingdom. Trust in Him alone to take you to heaven.

C) REALIGN your life and heart with God's will and obey Jesus until the end. This calls for repenting of your sins, giving up your worldly and sinful habits, walking in obedience, purity, righteousness and love, and forsaking all gods, such as money, ambition, glory, pleasures, and anything that sets itself as a priority over God's reign in your life.

In other words, you must make Jesus the LORD of your entire life till the end. Your sins and gods are those activities in the building that have caught you from getting out. You may be enjoying it too much that even though you know there is a bomb, you are unable to run for your life. But remember this: if your enjoyment will only be a few fleeting moments in comparison with an eternity of pain and suffering, will it really be worth it?

Items A and B may have been easy to do, but item C is what draws the line between those who will REALLY enter Heaven and those who think they will get in but will not. Item C is the reason why the path to heaven is so narrow. For example, Jesus said in Mark 10:25 "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

A rich man's god is his wealth, a workaholic's god is his job, and an adulterer's god is his desire for another woman. Count the cost of following Jesus. If you want to be saved and become a disciple of the Master, you will need to give it all up - all that you own, all your relationships, all your desires, and your very life - to the Master. Can you forsake money and wealth and let God take full control of your life?

The choice is yours. Your soul in hell for eternity in exchange for a few years of earthly pleasures, or a life of surrender to the will of God now for an eternity in God's heavenly kingdom?

Matt. 16:24-26 says “Then Jesus said to his disciples, 'If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?' ”

Moreover, Jesus says in Matt. 7:21-29 "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

If you call Jesus “Lord” and claim to be His follower but do not really fully obey Him, you will still find yourself locked out of God's kingdom. Jesus surrendered His life fully for you. He gave up His throne in heaven, suffered on earth, and died a criminal's death for you. Does He not only deserve our complete surrender as well? In the first place, He created you. You wouldn't be existing now if it were not for His will. For these two reasons, He deserves our lives. Will you choose to honor your Creator and Savior by giving back your life to Him?

Those who have already passed through the door to safety, yet go back into the building to continue doing what they miss doing are no safer than those who are still in the building and have not gone out yet. The sad reality is that many Christians think that they have passed through the door of escape when in fact by their continually living a life of sin and disobedience, they have remained in the doomed building. The combination of the "once-saved, always-saved assurance of salvation, no matter what I do" and "sin now for God is merciful and will forgive me later" philosophies will bring many finding themselves locked out of the kingdom of God on the day of judgment.

This is the REAL gospel of salvation and only a few can accept it. You cannot accept Jesus into your heart as Savior only. Jesus must be both Savior and Lord of your life for you to be saved from eternal banishment in the lake of fire and enter His glorious kingdom in heaven. Besides, what is a KINGDOM if the ruler wasn't REALLY reigning as KING? To be a part of the kingdom, Jesus must be the king of your life.

If you have made up your mind to turn away from sin and accept Jesus, God's provision for salvation, say this simple prayer to God. Mean every word of it, for God looks at your heart and not at your words.

“Lord Jesus, come into my heart and forgive me of my sins. I know that I am a sinner, and I repent of my sins. Wash me in Your blood, and make me clean. I have sinned against heaven and before You and am not worthy to be called a son. I receive you by faith as my Savior. I give my whole life to You. I will serve you as My Lord till the end of my days. Help me to live a life pleasing to You. Thank you for Your gift of eternal life.”


Another good news is that the full realization of your salvation is coming near. So many of those who have experienced clinical death and have been revived, as well as those who have been transported in the spirit world into the third heavens have a common message to tell the world: Jesus has consistently been telling them to tell the world that He is coming back to earth very soon! Moreover, He says that it will be sooner than we expect.

Although no one knows the exact day and time of His return to earth, the signs of His coming prophesied in the Bible indeed indicate that we are the generation that will see the second coming of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Many of us will not live to see our retirement days here on earth. It is that soon.

One theologian once said that "We have been saved from the penalty of sin, we are being saved from the power of sin, and we will soon be saved from the presence of sin. The full REALIZATION of our salvation is when we will live with Jesus for all eternity in His heavenly kingdom. He has prepared a dwelling place for you there. Remain faithful to Him until the end in holiness and full obedience, for those who do will be caught up to be with Him in the clouds to be with Him when He comes in glory. This is known as the rapture of the church.

Paul in 1 Thes. 4:15-17 describes the rapture as follows: “According to the Lord's own word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left till the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.”

Those left behind on earth after the true disciples of Jesus are taken out in the rapture will have to suffer and go through the worst tribulation mankind has ever faced as God's wrath will be poured over this sinful world and Satan's wrath will fall on those who believe in Jesus but are left behind.

Should you be left behind, resolve it in your heart to never accept the mark of the beast "666" on your forehead or hand, for in doing so you will seal your eternal doom by pledging allegiance to Satan. It is better to suffer for a moment during that period than to suffer for eternity in the lake of fire.

The Choice

The choice is set before each of us. At the end of our lives here on earth, the only thing that will really matter will be our answer to the question “What did you do with God's Son?” Did you accept Him, or did you reject/ignore Him?

This is a not just a matter of life or death? It is an issue of eternal life or eternal death. The weight of your eternal soul lies in the balance. You may not have the luxury of having tomorrow to decide on this. May this be the day of salvation! Choose eternal life! You have so little to loose, yet everything to gain.